How to Place a Staff Request

By telephone...

By email...

In person...

By Telephone or Email


To place a staff request, call
780-539-5090 or email us.  Use the email address found on the
Contact Us page or click

When you request temporary staff, we need to know the job title and job description, hours of work, start date and end date and any specific experience, education or computer skills necessary for the position.  We then match one of our employees to your request and send you some paperwork to confirm the details of the assignment. 

When your goal is to on board a new employee Mayfair helps simplify the process.  We need to know the job title, job description and any required education or experience as well as wage/benefits or other reimbursements being offered.  We match your staffing order to our database of pre-screened applicants and select the most qualified candidates.  The resulting shortlist is forwarded to you with a brief summary of each candidate so you can choose the candidate(s) you would like to meet in an interview.  Mayfair arranges the interviews for you and completes any after interview follow up.  You can meet with our candidates at your place of business or use our facilities.  After you make a hiring decision you will be charged a flat rate placement fee which is backed up by a replacement guarantee. 

Would you prefer to discuss your staffing needs face to face?  We still do that. One of our staffing specialists can meet with you at our office or yours.



It may be hard to describe but we sure notice when they are not at the office.  To help you better describe your staffing needs, refer to the job titles below. To view sample job descriptions, visit the 

Job Descriptions page.